Linda Minnick:  Life Coaching

After years of doing what I thought I was 'supposed to do', I finally hit a personal and professional wall.  I had everything I thought I wanted - a good job, a great income, a beautiful home and family - and I was miserable.  I was confused and lost.  My subconscious and higher conscious were battling it out. It took many months to accept the fact that while I had everything I had been taught was important, I wasn't living the life that I really wanted to. I found myself mentally depleted and exhausted from the fight.  So I gave in and made the decision to give "me" a chance.

I am now walking the path I choose - the path of personal development.  Between my personal and professional experiences and training, I have worked with some of the world's finest teachers in personal development.  I've enchanced my knowledge with advanced training in PSYCH-K ®, a phenominal process to address the subconscious. 

Since that day I bet on myself, I have added the following accomplishments to my resume:
• Certified Life Coach
• Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator
• Certified Sales Coach
• Speaker and Published Author
I am now living the life that I have always wanted.  I am happier than I have ever been and I now spend my days helping others do the same.
Isn't it time for you to invest in yourself, your happiness and your success?

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